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lEAD to导致造句

“lead to”怎样造句?1、A poor diet will ultimately lead to illness.糟糕的饮食终将导致疾病。2、Insults can lead to

用“lead to”怎么造句?用“lead to”造句如下:If this is true, there is no particular reason to hope that more education will lead to a more

怎么用"lead to"造句"大雨导致了严重的水灾"?词组:lead to 音标:英 [li:d tu:] 美 [lid tu]释义:把…带到; 领到; (道路)通向; 导致 造句:1、Politicians

lead to 怎么造句?new .2. (一则谚语)All roads lead to Rome.3. (物种起源)Different habitats lead to

leadto造句The tour guide leads the tourists to the senic spots.

用了lead to造句?你好朋友,用了 lead to造句如下 1.Politicians say it could lead to a dissolution of parliament.政客们说这可能会导致议会

lead to 的用法1、lead to sth 导致,造成,通向 例句:Eating too much sugar can lead to health problem.翻译:食用过多的糖会引起健康问题

用"lead to"造句"大雨导致了严重的水灾"?The heavy rain lead to a serious flood.

lead to 怎么造句?1.(一个真理)Curiosity can lead us to learn more about the new .2.(一则谚语)All

英语翻译用lead to造句.就今天,过时不要.Smoking may lead to lung cancer.


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